Rodriguez And McGowan Call It Quits (Thank You, God)

2 07 2008

According to all kinds of gossip sites, it turns out that Desperado writer/director Robert Rodriguez has split up with girlfriend, Rose McGowan. While this sort of thing doesn’t usually matter to me, Robert Rodriguez is one of my favorite filmmakers and to see him split with Rose McGowan is kind of a relief because it turns out that Rodriguez is currently working on three upcoming projects: Barbarella, Red Sonja, and a TV series, Women in Chains!–all of which McGowan had a starring role in. That’s just a tad overkill if you ask me.

Now, I don’t want to discredit McGowan as an actress. While she’s hardly the most amazing actress I’ve ever seen, I thoroughly enjoyed her machine-gun-legged performance in Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, but what worried me, though, is that Robert Rodriguez was getting so caught up in his girlfriend that she would end up starring in all of his films, regardless of whether or not she was right for the part, which is what seemed to be happening. With their split, it looks like Rose McGowan may have to try a little harder to keep those roles, otherwise they’ll end up going to actors who probably deserve them.

I hear Jessica Alba is a fan favorite for Barbarella. Personally, I’d rather die than watch Jessica Alba try to act, but thats just me.





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