The New ‘Choke’ Red Band Trailer

12 07 2008

A while back, a green band trailer for Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke was released and, while it was awesome for anyone who has read the book, it didn’t really show much of what the movie is. After all, how can you really show gratuitous amounts of sex and profanity in a green band trailer? You can’t. Here, we get an up close and personal look at what Choke is really all about and it’s about damn time.

Even though the film screams ‘low budget’ and hasn’t really gotten a lot of buzz outside of the indie film world, something tells me that this one will follow the same route as Fight Club, Palahniuk’s previous novel-turned-film, which has become a highly regarded cult classic. Palahniuk’s fans are die hard and there are many of them. I know I can’t wait for September to roll around.

NOTE: The red band trailer is way NSFW.

UPDATE: The trailer was taken down at the request of Fox Searchlight Pictures.




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