Robert Rodriguez Discusses ‘Red Sonja’ At Comic Con

25 07 2008

Remember when I mentioned Robert Rodriguez directing a Red Sonja remake starring the inevitable Rose McGowan? Well, it’s happening. Sorta.

Robert Rodriguez announced at Comic Con yesterday that Red Sonja is happening and that Rose McGowan would be starring as the title character, however Rodriguez himself is not going to be directing the film due to an obligation to the Weinsteins. Instead, Red Sonja will be directed by Douglas Aarnioko, Rodriguez’s assistant director from many of his films. If you’re a hardcore Rodriguez fan, don’t worry. Rodriguez has said that he will be a ‘hands on producer.’

Since I just write this blog for my own enjoyment and I’m not actually getting paid to do this, there wasn’t anyone to send me to San Diego to do any real reporting, so here are some of Cinematical’s bullet points from the Q&A:

— Red Sonja will hit theaters in the fourth quarter of 2009 (one imagines for Christmas)
— Robert Rodriguez is acting as a “hands on” producer, and will co-direct a good chunk of the flick. Not only is he doing this for Red Sonja, but he’s also negotiating to produce a new Conan film. It seems as if they would eventually (if both are popular enough) cross promote between films.
— The tone will be darker, like the book, and when asked if it would be R rated, Rodriguez said, “My name is double ‘R’!”
–Also on tone and scope, McGowan (who’s quite lively and quick-witted in person) said it’s “hard, cold, dirty and bloody.” And that she’s looking forward to “taking a big giant sword and killing a lot of people.”
— Training is already underway, and McGowan is working with the same swords experts who helped out on Matrix and Ninja Assassin
— Rodriguez also admitted that Barbarella is officially off, and that Red Sonja has taken its place. He said financing of $70 million did come through from Germany for a shoot next year, but he’s obligated to shoot something else for Miramax. He’s negotiating right now to direct a “huge summer movie” — but he wouldn’t say which.
— On the character, Rose McGowan said: “I will not have a mullet!” The crowd cheered.
— Red Sonja will be shot on location (scouting now) and will use some green screen.
— Asked who should star in the new Conan, RR shouted: “Danny Trejo!”
— On Machete becoming a film, RR said they have plans to turn it into a Mexploitation triple feature disc (and somewhere on that disc will be a trailer for a sequel to Planet Terror.)
— On Sin City 2, Frank Miller has finished writing the script, but no one knows whether or not that’s going to happen with each working on different projects.

Despite everything, I think Red Sonja could actually be a good movie. While I don’t think Rose McGowan is a particularly amazing actress, this seems like the right kind of project for her. Let’s just hope she doesn’t become Rodriguez’s Yoko Ono.




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