Dreamworks To Continue Cashing In On ‘Madagascar’ And ‘Panda’

14 08 2008

Maybe it’s just me, but I get tired of seeing furry animated animal flicks, let alone the same furry animated animals multiple times, but that’s exactly what Dreamworks plans to do. With Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa coming out this fall, they’re already planning at least a third installment of the Madagascar franchise as well as a sequel to Kung Fu Panda.

I honestly didn’t enjoy the first Madagascar and I didn’t bother seeing Kung Fu Panda, but I feel like Dreamworks might just be trying too hard. My personal favorite will always be Pixar who, with the exception of Toy Story, hasn’t put out the dreaded sequel (I have to admit Toy Story 2 was pretty good) and even though they’ve used them, they don’t need to rely on big celebrity voices (i.e. Wall-E).

I sorta wish Dreamworks would hang it up with all the sequels (Shrek Goes Fourth?? I mean, come on). If they would find new, innovative ways to make movies, they might actually get somewhere. And the fact that they’re going to be switching to 3-D doesn’t even count because, as most would already assume, Pixar’s already there.




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1 12 2008

muito interessante!!!!!!!!!!!!

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