Brett Ratner Wants To Direct A ‘Guitar Hero’ Movie

29 08 2008

That’s right. Brett Ratner, director of such films as X-Men: The Last Stand (vomit!) and the Rush Hour franchise, wants to make a movie based on the popular video game, Guitar Hero.

He had this to say about it:

“I love ‘Guitar Hero’ and I think it’s a part of pop culture. I would love to do a ‘Guitar Hero’ movie, if Activision would ever let me. I’m trying to convince them, but why would you have a movie screw up such a huge franchise? Not that I would make a bad movie. So that would be cool, to do a ‘Guitar Hero’ movie.

“It could be about a kid from a small town who dreams of being a rock star and he wins the ‘Guitar Hero’ competition. One of these dreams-[come-true] kind of concepts.”

So basically, it would be just like that shitty movie, The Wizard, only modernized to center around the Guitar Hero video game instead of an NES and a Power Glove. Oh, and let me guess, the main character ultimately scores a 100% on DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” to win some kind of championship, right? I can’t believe that he thinks he wouldn’t make a bad movie out of that.




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