‘Saw V’ Poster

29 08 2008

It’s getting closer to the autumn months which generally means it’s almost time for another Saw sequel. Here’s the poster for the latest installment. I’m guessing the movie ends with some crazy twist ending that incorporates many of the seemingly mundane and trivial moments throughout the entire movie making everyone think, “No way!” before blowing someone up or ripping their limbs from their bodies.


‘Toy Story 3’ Poster Arrives 2 Years Early

25 08 2008

I know Toy Story 3 isn’t due out for another 2 years, but it’s nice to see some proof of it happening. It’s been almost a decade since Toy Story 2, but dammit, I’m excited for number 3. I have no doubt that Pixar will put out more of their trademark quality material.

Two ‘Max Payne’ Movie Posters

21 08 2008


Poster And Trailer For ‘How To Lose Friends And Alienate People’

20 08 2008

Continuing his slew of films sans Edgar Wright and Nick Frost, Simon Pegg is back in another comedy coming out this fall. In How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, Pegg plays Sidney Young, a small-time British celebrity journalist who gets a job writing for an upscale New York magazine and finds himself immersed in a life that he may not be suited for. I love Simon Pegg and the whole screwball thing he’s got going on lately, so I have no doubt this movie will be funny, although it’s hard for me to gauge the amount of funny based on a poster and a trailer, however the poster does say it’s “The most hilarious comedy of the year,” so it’s anyone’s guess at this point. Regardless, Megan Fox is pretty hot.

The movie opens October 3rd.

Poster And Trailer For ‘W.’

20 08 2008

Oliver Stone’s new Presidential biopic is sure to raise some controversy this fall as it is being released right before Election Day and chronicles the first term of our failed President, Bush. The film has a pretty star-studded cast including Josh Brolin as George W., Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney, and Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell. I have a love/hate relationship with Oliver Stone. I loved Natural Born Killers and JFK, but hated Alexander and World Trade Center, so we’ll see how things go with this new movie. Based on the trailer, I’m starting to like it, but as we all know, trailers are not to be trusted.

Speaking of which:

New ‘Burn After Reading’ Poster

15 08 2008

If there’s one movie I can’t wait to see this September, it’s Burn After Reading. This poster is pretty sick.

Awesome Fan-Made Poster For Batman 3

15 08 2008

I know it’s way too soon to even start thinking about a sequel to The Dark Knight, considering it’s still in theaters AND still #1 at the box office, BUT I though this was really awesome. From what I’ve been hearing, a lot of fans want to see the Riddler in a sequel to TDK and honestly, it’s the first name that came to mind when I was considering villains for a third movie. Even though a third movie hasn’t even been announced yet, it’s still wishful thinking.

Anyway, here’s the poster, courtesy of SlashFilm: