‘Hairspray 2’ And A ‘Rocky Horror’ Remake Beg One Question: ‘Why?’

24 07 2008

Because we haven’t gotten enough of sequels and remakes, prepare yourself for two more. Oh, and they both happen to be musicals. Last year, we got to see a scrubbed down, covered in glitter remake of the John Water’s film, Hairspray. Despite seeing John Travolta dressed both in drag and in a fat suit, I enjoyed the movie. For me, it’s always been one of those fun, feel-good movies and I have no problem with that. Of course, I prefer the original to the remake, but I thought the remake was able to hold its own. Unfortunately, there are those who think we should be graced with a sequel. As of yet, the only person attached to the project is director Adam Shankman. There isn’t a writer, but I’m hoping if this movie is actually going to happen, John Waters should be writing the script/music. None of the original cast has yet signed on to be apart of the sequel, but really, if they can’t get the original cast, why bother? Otherwise, it’ll just end up like Grease 2. Warner Bros. are trying to release the movie by July, 2010, but I personally hope it never comes to fruition.

And now, if things weren’t bad enough, there’s a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the works. Even though they’re aiming to release it by Halloween of next year, no one is attached to the project yet. if you ask me, some movies were never meant to be remade. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic. It’s been iconic in the cult world for years and has a fan base of millions. To me, there’s just no way to remake this movie successfully. There really isn’t even a reason to remake it. It’s doing pretty well on its own. I mean, 33 years later, there are STILL showings of it all over the country. I say they leave it alone, but what can you do, they’re going to make it whether or not people really want it anyway.