Harvey Dent Interview On ‘Gotham Tonight With Mike Engel’

14 07 2008

There have already been a bunch of segments for Gotham Tonight, but this one is particularly interesting, I think, since it gives some background information on Harvey Dent as a character. Sure, we all know Bruce Wayne, but Harvey Dent is the perfect foil for someone like Bruce Wayne. For example, Bruce came from a well-to-do family, Harvey didn’t. They both feel the need to clean up Gotham City and end the corruption, yet they obviously have opposing view points on how to do so. I’ve always thought the relationship between Bruce and Harvey has been an intriguing one and this video sheds a little bit more light on Harvey Dent for those not so familiar with him. You can see more episodes of Gotham Tonight at GothamCityNews.com

Oh, and yes, that IS Anthony Michael Hall as Mike Engels.


‘The Dark Knight’ Wizard World Trailer

7 07 2008

The Dark Knight trailer from last year’s Wizard World Chicago has finally been released online. It’s a pretty awesome trailer. There’s hardly any dialogue, but there’s plenty of action and a killer soundtrack. And another cool thing is that it’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t really been shown in the other trailers (i.e. a tiny piece of Harvey Dent as Two Face). Perhaps this will be the final trailer released before the opening of the movie, but something tells me that they’re waiting until a few days before to release the “final last-minute trailer.” We’ll find out in a week or so.

Dominos Releases New ‘Dark Knight’ Trailer

1 07 2008

With the release date of The Dark Knight rapidly approaching, there are more and more trailers and posters springing up all over the place. Dominos Pizza has just released a new trailer for The Dark Knight as some kind of special promotion where if you order a pizza, you gain access to ‘The Dark Knight Vault’ which gives you access to the trailer. Thanks to YouTube, purchase is NOT necessary.

The trailer is actually pretty badass. It features plenty of new footage of the Joker as well as a some new footage of Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent, but let’s be honest: the Joker is what everyone really wants to see and this trailer certainly delivers.

With only two and a half weeks left until the movie is released, I’m pretty much just killing time. I’ve been psyched for this movie for months and after seeing all these trailers, I’m fairly confident it will blast me out of my skull.