‘Friends’ Movie A No Go

7 07 2008

Remember when rumors were flying around about a Friends movie? Well, it turns out it’s not actually going to happen. It turns out the fine folks over at Warner Bros. are denying any plans for a big screen adaptation of the hit sitcom. Publicists for each of the stars have also made statements denying any such project.

From AllHeadlineNews.com:

‘Courteney Cox Arquette’s rep told BBC that he was not aware of the plans, while Matthew Perry’s publicist said “Nothing is happening in this regard, so the rumor is false.”

Likewise, David Schwimmer’s publicist said, “There’s been no discussion about it,” and Jennifer Aniston’s rep has told Page Six that they are “not aware of any such project. I really don’t know [if she would have any interest.]”‘

Well, that’s a relief.